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At Hudson Procure, our aim is to support our clients’ wider business objectives by providing tailored procurement solutions that focus on delivering value for money.

We understand that value is personal to each organisation, and we’re committed to understanding our clients individually so that we can put this at the heart of our solutions. We deliver best-in-class procurement services that are open, fair and transparent, and enhance our clients both operationally and strategically.

With a wealth of experience in multiple sectors, markets and categories, our procurement specialists are ideally placed to support your organisation with any procurement challenge. We aim to develop your procurement acumen and add value at every stage of delivery.

Our Procurement Director, Daniel Gibson, has over 17 years of procurement experience from a range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, construction, waste and wastewater, and housing.

He has held full member status with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply since 2011 and is also a full member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Daniel has extensive experience in procuring and managing a wide range of procurement categories, both directly and on a consultancy basis throughout the UK. He has a track record of working with organisations to develop their strategic procurement offering, building effective operational teams, and working with executive leadership to enhance procurement performance. Additionally, Daniel has delivered fully outsourced procurement solutions with a variety of commercial arrangements.

As procurement experts, we have experience in a range of sectors, from construction to social housing. We have helped educational institutions, charities, SMEs and many more.

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Hudson Outsourcing is a global family of innovators, on a mission to increase the survival rates of businesses around the world.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is; our outsourcing solutions can help with every aspect of your development.

Hudson Outsourcing was founded by Jill and John Hudson. Our team was built from the ground up. We started out as a small tendering business in the North East of England. Now we have clients in over 30 countries, offices across the UK and the US, and six outsourcing divisions. We like to think of our team and clients as a global family.

Discover, Succeed, Procure and Labs were introduced to help business owners adopt best practice solutions and drive greater value.

Hudson Outsourcing then evolved to include Vocal and Alpha. Our creative agency, Vocal, provides further support to our clients through creative services, enhancing their marketing strategies. Alpha helps us become world leaders in our field, offering new technology to make learning more accessible for all.

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