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We are procurement specialists.

Our goal is to ensure a fair, coherent and transparent process for our clients. We offer four key services to aid your procurement efforts.

Procure Consult

Our Procure Consult service is for organisations who require end-to-end tender management or ad-hoc procurement consultancy.

This service is designed to help businesses and organisations drive solutions that are fully aligned with their wider business objectives. Our procurement specialists will use their experience and expertise to offer everything from coaching and advice to support with the entire procurement cycle.

Daily rates start at £550+VAT.

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Procure Outsourcing

Our Procure Outsourcing service is for organisations that require full or partially outsourced procurement solutions.

This is our bespoke service offering, providing short, medium, or long-term solutions in line with your business objectives. No matter your requirements, we’ll work as part of your wider team to deliver fully tailored solutions to suit your needs.

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Procure Analyse

Our Procure Analyse service is for organisations that want to understand their spending and drive greater value from their procurement activity.

With this service, our procurement experts will conduct a high-level analysis of your spending behaviour. They’ll highlight where to concentrate your procurement activity, helping you make cost savings and improve performance.

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Procure Health Check

Our Procure Health Check service is for organisations that want to improve their procurement processes.

Our team of experts will conduct a full review of your strategic and operational procurement processes. They’ll assess your approach to procurement and identify opportunities for improvement.

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